2 Days until we leave

Me and Janire will be uprooting again for a short period to travel to the USA to undertake Janire’s commission, Moving Forward, Looking Back for the SPAIN arts & culture. Whilst in America we will be travelling along the Old Spanish Trail between Santa Fe in New Mexico & Los Angeles in California. Can’t wait to see where this journey takes us but before it all begins we will be firstly attending IMERSA in Denver where we will be meeting up with some fellow colleagues in the Fulldome world.

Moving Forward, Looking Back

Im delighted to announce that my long term creative collaborator, Janire Najera, has just been selected to undertake a creative project for the Spanish Cultural Network in the USA.



The award will allow her to continue and build upon her previous photojournalistic work exploring the legacy of the Spanish on the culture of modern America.

The award will see Janire and myself (as a supporting artist) visiting the US later in the year where we will be travelling along the Old Spanish Trail between New Mexico and Los Angeles to engage with a variety of Spanish decedents to explore their personal narratives and identities. 

For more information regarding the project please visit

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When not concentrating on my own personal projects or the management of the two creative platforms, Ghosts in Armour & The Dance Dome, which I oversee, I am fortunate enough to collaborate with various practitioners and clients in a number of creative roles. I split my time between personal projects, private commissions, commercial shoots and  creative collaborations with the curation and management of  both the Ghosts in Armour & Dance Dome projects.


I have extensive experience in 360º photography and its utilisation, high dynamic range capture & processing, fulldome filming & production, timelapse capture including motion control, 3D capture and a variety creative filming techniques as well as a broad range of arts management & production skills.

If you would like to hire me for a private commission or to discuss a project or collaboration opportunity then please contact me via 4π Productions. I am always happy to discuss how i might be able to help.



I am extremely excited to announce that Janire Najera & myself will be attending and presenting at this years IMERSA conference in Denver.

Immersive Media Entertainment, Research, Science & Arts is a driver and nexus for communication, collaboration, experimentation, education and promotion of digital immersive media in a variety of venues, formats and functions.

We have been asked to present to audiences regarding our experiences producing the Dance Dome project and we are proud to say that it is hoped that our most recent production, Pal O Me Heart,  will be displayed to international delegates within one of the venues immersive spaces.

Keep posted for more information about our trip and if you want to find out more about IMERSA or are interested in attending, please visit www.imersa.org for more information.

Ukraine Trip

UKRAINE-FLAGI’m incredibly excited next week to have the opportunity to be visiting the Ukraine to conduct some business regarding potential future fulldome projects. (more…)

Russian Fulldome Visit

I have just had the pleasure of attending Russia’s first ever Fulldome Conference where myself & my creative partner Janire Najera were giving a presentation about live capture techniques for the dome and our experiences delivering the Dance Dome project.

Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Have just had the pleasure of spending 10 days up at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival where the Dance Dome was premiering our new film, Pal o Me Heart.

The Dance Dome was showing a trilogy of dance films all created in partnership between Coreo Cymru and 4π Productions in collaboration with Taikabox, Harnisch-Lacey Dance Theatre and Earthfall. (From 19th to 26th August 2013)

New Look Website

Its official, after two years of craziness in the world of being an artist without a site, its finally time to launch the new look website. Apologies to anyone who has tried to check out my work during my online hiatus, It was never my intention to lose the previous one (we have some lovely Russian Hackers to thank for that!) however Im glad to say that the new look site should offer a much easier and more in-depth opportunity to engage with my visual world. Keep tuned to see regular updates on the various projects I am working on.


An interview alongside Janire Najera & Carole Blade at 2012’s Fulldome UK conference.