About1-newVisual Artist,  Photographer & Creative Producer

I am a visual artist fascinated by the way in which time, light & movement collide within a captured view. I use a variety of specialised photography and film techniques to explore the spaces found between the frozen moment and that of an extended experience. 

I have been fortunate to travel extensively and during many visits to cities like Sydney, Bilbao, London and Santa Fe, I have become increasingly interested in man’s impact on the built environment and its place and function when the needs of society shift. I see the built environment as no less than mankind’s version of nature, an integral part of human evolution and our desire to go further as a species, leaving behind traces of ourselves within the short moments of existence that we have as individuals. My drive is no different.

I wish to break frontiers using the devices and techniques of my time, utilising and combining techniques and technologies in the hope of providing a new way of experiencing the world around us. The increasingly technologically driven world is in many ways, separating us from the physical act of experience, however,  I believe it provides new possibilities for the representation of these spaces where we can explore the present whilst reflecting back on what has come before.

I am interested in engaging with the  emotive resonance of environments caught between their past and current, uncertain futures. I am often found with camera in hand amongst abandoned landscapes or spaces on the edge of society, exploring these spaces in the hope of spreading light on what was left behind and to raise questions about what will follow within environments where nature and man have collided.

I have a long term passion for exploring creative techniques that challenges the visual perception of the viewers of my work. I utilise time-lapse techniques to compress time and long exposures to reveal the invisible. My 360º practise extends the scope and capacity of the captured view. With my photospherical practice I am interested in developing a documentary language that transcends the standard one-way relationship that photography currently provides as a medium. The ephemeral nature of these photographic sculptural  installations and their reading both in and out of their site specific context, raises interesting questions regarding photography’s place as a documentary recording device.  

There is a quality of ambiguity within my work. I am intrigued by the physical processes of sight and how the human visual cortex processes and makes sense of the world we are in.  We are all actively engaged in the creation of the visual reality of our worlds, but are often completely unaware of the role we play in its creation. Playing with techniques that make the viewer judge their understanding of reality is a driving force behind my work. 

Ultimately, I see myself as an artist engaged with visual perception, exploring new landscapes of endless horizons, or for want of a better explanation, a photographer working in three dimensions.